Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers that you may find useful.

Not only is Playtime Adventure Land & Cafe a FUNtastic playland and cafe but we also do

  • kids birthday parties, sports breakups, end of term celebrations, Christmas events
  • Private venue hire after hours
  • Yummy gourmet cafe even with healthy options
  • Delicious coffee, frappes and smoothies
  • Group booking prices for school groups, Vacation Cares and Excursions
  • Fundraisers and charity events throughout the year
  • Loyalty program to reward our members


Yes we are happy for you to bring a cake into Playtime – we do ask that your cake is nut free.  We will put your cake in the fridge and bring it out to you when you’re ready for it.  We ask that it is a whole cake and not cupcakes or doughnut cakes etc as these are more ‘portable’

Deposits are non refundable if you cancel for a change of mind.  We know kids get sick and life happens – if you reschedule your party we are happy to honour your deposit

All adults and children MUST wear socks on the equipment – if you forget yours don’t worry we have socks you can purchase.

We don’t allow outside food or drinks.  We do allow nut free baby food and please remember your water bottles – ask us for an ice cold refill if you run out! Please let us know if you have special dietary requirements – we are happy to accommodate. 

Playtime Adventure Land & Cafe accepts no responsibility for any lost or stolen articles. Keep your valuables with you or within close proximity.

All rules, safety signs and staff instructions MUST be followed when attending Playtime Adventure Land & Cafe

Adults are encouraged to supervise, monitor and support their children to encourage safe play while attending Playtime Adventure Land & Cafe. Adults must always wear socks in the play areas and are not permitted to use the slides, trampolines or webbing while supervising their children as these activities are for children 5-11 years only.

Smoking and the consumption of alcohol at Playtime Adventure Land & Cafe is strictly prohibited and will result in the termination of your visit or the cancellation of your booking / function.

Although Playtime Adventure Land & Cafe staff are trained to monitor the play areas and encourage safe play – the ultimate responsibility for supervision of the children remains that of the parents or guardians.

Playtime Adventure Land & Cafe has trained first aid officers on site at all times to help even with the smallest of injuries.

Playtime Adventure Land & Cafe requires all accidents or incidents to be reported to either a first aid officer or the manager on duty.

Playtime Adventure Land & Cafe accepts no responsibility for injuries, nor will it entertain any claims for damages, resulting from the use or misuse of the playland or any other areas inside the centre.

As Playtime Adventure Land & Cafe is a children’s environment we put a lot of emphasis and time into keeping our play areas hygienic and clean.
Some steps we take:

– Ensuring adults are not entering the play areas with dirty shoes or bare feet
– Ensuring patrons do not take food or drinks into the play areas
– Exclusion for customers experiencing flu like symptoms or vomiting/diarrhea in the previous 48 hours
– Regular daily, weekly, monthly cleaning schedules
– Regularly disinfecting and sanitising play equipment and slides
– Providing hand sanitiser units throughout the store and encouraging use before, during and after play.
– Thorough step by step cleaning guides for: playgrounds, ball pits, toilets, kitchen, tables and chairs.
– Providing thorough step by step hand washing guides in all bathrooms.

If you or your child has experienced illness, diarrhoea or vomiting in the last 48 hours then please do not attend a Playtime Adventure Land & Cafe centre.

Playtime Adventure Land & Cafe takes safety and security very seriously and for this reason our gates are magnetically locked.  Children will not be buzzed out without their adult.  We have our sensors set high so that in the event a child does get into the foyer area they will not activate the external sliding doors keeping them safe inside.

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